An exhibition of imaginative works


Saturday 25 October to Friday 31 October 2014


(11.00am to 18.00pm daily)


  • Opportunites for Plein Air painting on site
  • Demonstrations
  • Arts activites

Stunning original art work

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  • Ange - semi abstract oils






  • Eileen - abstract, impressionist, land/sea scapes, still life




  • Frances - cityscapes, fauna, people, land/sea scapes, digital imagery




  • Rita - abstracts, impressionist, mountain/sea /land scapes, moods and solitude


  • Kathy - portraits and impressionism



  • Mary - abstracts and more ...


Update your surroundings

Pick a picture to compliment your new colour scheme

A picture tells a 1000 stories.

Look at it in a different way each day. Relive the magic.


Time for a change - stimulate your imagination


Make someone happy

  • Origional art makes a perfect gift
  • Suitable to celebrate all types of event
  • Adds a personal touch to gift giving

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  • Vitrual -now


  • Rowsham

(Oct 2014)


  • London

(April 2015)


  • Wexford

(July 2015)


  • Oakworth/


(Nov 2015)




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